Internet Marketing Strategy & Planning!

How do you succeed in Internet Marketing?

There are thousands of answers at the tactical level - we see them every day as we get inundated with "irresistible offers" from expert marketers telling us about yet another solution or technique or tool.

But why do so many would-be internet marketing entrepreneurs still struggle to make a bean - sometimes for years and years?

One critical reason is because they have no Strategy and no Plan. And practically no-one provides any help in this area. You see - putting together a Strategy and Plan takes time, and effort, and a lot of hard thought. It's so much easier to just grab a ready-made blueprint, and run with it.

But that is a recipe for getting nowhere. And you won't even "get nowhere, fast"! You are likely to waste months, or years, before you realise that you are getting nowhere.

And in any case, if you are expecting to make a big difference to your life from Internet Marketing, don't you think it warrants some time and effort to put a plan in place?

And this is the place where you will find help to do exactly that. And it starts right now!

Here is your highest level plan that you can start following right now.

Step 1:

At whatever stage you are at in your business you must...

Take back control of your time and money.

For most people this is the most urgent and critical need.

To understand why you are losing time and money, who is robbing you, and how you can defend yourself, read about our Laser-Focus Shield Report and Mind Map.

Step 2:

Pick the right Business Model for you.

99% of Internet Marketers jump at the latest "greatest opportunity, step-by-step guide to online fortune" and sink time and money into that - only to find another "greatest opportunity" a few months later, which they then jump on because the last one was too hard!

Emotionally, that's always the most exciting thing to do. But at some point we have to use our heads rather than our hearts. We have to rise above all the clamour and buzz, pause for a while, and survey the whole landscape with an inquisitive and sceptical eye.

We have to ask some searching questions, such as:

  • What are all the different ways of making money on the Internet?

    There are many different approaches, but no-one lays them all out in front of you so you can make an informed choice. All you get is "buy my blueprint to success - this is the best!"

  • What is actually involved in each of them? What's the Real Deal?

    What's the grunt work that's needed? What creative skills are needed? What technical skills are needed? What sort of difficult judgements are needed? What sort of capital is needed?

    Don't you think you should know the answers to these questions before committing to weeks, months and years of effort?

Where can you find help with understanding and picking the right model for you?

In our forthcoming product called on Choosing Your Internet Marketing Business Model.

Step 3:

Create A Business Plan

If you think your planning ends with choosing a model - think again! Actually, it's only just begun! If you can find one (and you usually can!), you will need a step-by-step guide, or a "blueprint". But don't make the mistake of thinking that that is the same as a plan.

Your business plan will include a lot of details specific to YOU and to YOUR
business goals and objectives. For example, a plan should include:

● Targets (financial, traffic, conversion etc.)
● Actions to achieve those targets
● Resources needed to take those actions
● Timescales and milestones

Where can you find help with this?

In our forthcoming product the IM Project Planning Mentor

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